Highland games were held around the early 20th century in what is now 'Powrie Park'. The railway building is visible in the background.



Abernethy once had a golf course. It opened in 1909, only to close around 1914. The ground it covered was no doubt requisitioned for crops in the 1st World War.

The Sterling Silver cup on top of the display cabinet here is engraved “Abernethy golf club 1909” and includes winners' names from 1909 to 1913 inclusive:

  • David Wishart 1909
  • David Wishart 1910
  • Harry G. Shields 1911
  • W. Barclay 1912
  • George McDougall 1913

The cup was made by Martin & Hall, Sheffield, probably in 1907.

It was donated by Marion Armstrong. It stood for many years in the office of her family’s business in Glasgow. Family connections to Inverness-shire caused it to be sent to the Abernethy area there, but the winners’ names and dates prove conclusively that it belongs to Abernethy, Perthshire, and the good people of Nethybridge sent it here in 2014.

It has been speculated that the last winner was a relative of Marion Armstrong and who, it is known, had business here for a time, and took it back to Glasgow in 1914, the outbreak of World War 1 meaning that his details were never added to the cup.

Local athletes