In the mid 1800s, in addition to the two schools within Abernethy village, there was another school within the parish. This school was in the hamlet of Aberargie. From the New Statistical Account we read:-

"Besides the parochial school, and a school in Abernethy connected with the Secession congregation, there is a third school in the village of Aberargie, under the patronage of Joseph Murray, Esq. of Ayton, who gives the teacher selected by him, besides the fees, an annual salary with a school room and house. The teacher is a member of the Established Church, and has his school annually examined by the presbytery. In this school the average attendance may be about 60 and here, as in the parochial school, the most appproved modes of tuition are introduced. The heritors of the parish of Abernethy are entitled to much praise for the sacrifices and exertions they have made for the education of the people, and the fault is with parents themselves if they neglect the ample provisions made for the instruction of their children".